About Us

Hello! PeachyOffers.co.uk is a community based offers site set up by Elsa and Quentin, where anyone can join for free, become part of the team and start posting up online and offline offers that they find. No automation here! Everything is handpicked and posted by a real human being.

Everyone is Welcome To Join And Share

It’s free to sign-up, so no matter who you are, all are welcome to join the team and post up any offers you find on and offline. The more who join, the more offers are found and everyone benefits. If you like saving money, have a keen eye for a great bargain or like to chat and help others shop and save, then come and join our friendly community.

How We Keep The Site Going

Some of the offers posted by our members contain commission links and as such, if a user purchases a product or completes an offer using one of these links, we receive a small percentage of the total cost. Any commission we do receive has no effect on any of the offers posted. If you click through to an offer using our commission link or a link without, the offer will still be the same.

And Finally…

If you need anything, give us nudge and either myself or Quentin will be happy to help with anything you may want.

Have fun!

Elsa & Quentin